The NEWater Plant Visit

1. What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s visit?

Ans: I have learnt about the NEWater treatment process well and understood what the guide was talking about.
Ans: The process called Reverse Osmosis is the most important process and that made Singapore water exceeded the expectation by the World Health Organization and countries are seeking for us how to get clean water supply for all of it population.
Ans: I have learnt much about in-potable water and NEWater actually indirectly helps us by using the industrial taps and NEWater provides the industries/factories deionized water without minerals that is essential for some industries or factories. Now they have completed Phase 2 in 2008 because the industries/factories are seeking out more water supply demand.

Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today during the visit.

Ans: NEWater is getting more "Hi-Tech" because the evolved from Ultra filtration to Micro filtration, and the thin membranes in the strains are much smaller which is about 0.001 micron so that only certain substances including water molecules can pass through them. I now know that water must be pushed out every eight hours to prevent dirt, dust, undesired particles getting stuck in the holes of the membranes.
Ans: The "tools" for these processes to work are imported from Japan or United States of America. I suppose that they have the same kind of equipments we have here to get clean water but in a different form of process.

What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?

Ans: The ultra-violet rays are cheap to kill germs or bacteria and ensure all the viruses or bacteria are killed at the NEWater Plant but it leaves the dead viruses or bacteria there therefore unsafe to drink.

4. What are the things that you can do to help with water conservation in Singapore?

Ans: I can help by reusing the rice water to give nutrients to the plants, not needing the tap water for them. I can take a shower and not a long bath. I must remind people not to leave the tap running whenever I see them doing the action and not to shower too much just because of a dry spell in Singapore.