Brief Description of My Elderly Challenge Product

Name: Benz Kew
School: School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Class: S2-02
Product: Telescopic Chair (T-Chair)

Brief Description:

Singapore’s baby-boomers are greying rapidly.
The common ailments for the elderly are joints, knees and back pains. They have problems with climbing a conventional ladder.
As most ladders are unstable, they have caused the elderly to fall and injure themselves.
My T-Chair conceptual design is for ease of access stability, good balancing and elderly-friendly. It provides good supports and balance, thus preventing them from falling. It helps the elderly to retrieve the items from the high storage cabinets, reaching the air-conditioning fan coils and ceiling fans for cleaning purposes, changing fused bulbs etc.
When not in use. the T-Chair (With back support) can also function as a normal comfortable chair to watch TV programmes or reading.

How it works:

To use the T-Chair (It must be placed against the back wall), just pull out the two 1-foot depth telescopic steps.
The elderly then walk up the 2 telescopic steps to the top seat and put the 2 hands on the 2 stable handle bars and stand up.
For reaching high levels, the elderly can place their hands on top of the 2 chair frames for better support, balance and grip.
After finishing their task, they will walk down the telescopic steps safely and simply push back the 2 telescopic steps to flush with the main riser.

(I wish all the elderly good Health and Happiness!)

FRAGILE PROTOTYPE: Please do not use force and handle it with care, Thanks!