Reflection - Prototype

1. What are the difficulties that you have encountered during the process?

Some difficulties that I faced was that:

-Some parts of my product cannot be done when using cardboard without the help of technology.
-The size of my product.
-Trouble cutting curves on the cardboard using penknife.
-Very hard to stick and keep the parts firmly onto the product.
-Cardboard is a very fragile and not a waterproof material to build a prototype so we must take care of our product seriously.

2. How do you overcome the difficulties encountered?

I overcome these difficulties by:

-Removing parts that were not really necessary for my product.
-Comparing the size of actual product to the prototype and scaling it down.
-Used scissors to trim the edges after cutting the cardboard using the penknife.
-Applied glue and tape as much as possible to prevent the parts from falling.
-Take cautious care on the prototype.

3. What are the 2 key takeaways for this lesson?

1. I learnt that planning, making and designing for the prototype using card boards wasn't easy.
2. I realised that we must be careful when constructing the product-One mistake and the whole product is wasted unless you can improvise on the product to make it look nicer.