Holiday work-Part 3: Tools to be learnt in Semester 2

This is my 'innovative' elder-friendly homes*:

*Click on the picture to see it clearer and sharper. (Or click here)


**Idris** said...

It will only be useful for serious illness if not the senior will become very lazy.

Seah Yen Sin said...

1) Think the elderly would develop bed sore sitting down the whole time. Any way to remedy this?

2) Do you know what is the purpose of the gears? Please explain why gears are chosen.

BENZ e280 said...

Q1 Ans: Well, the chair could be a foldable chair that can form into a long flat mattress(If the chair material is made from the same kind of material from mattresses). He also can move the shelter on the chair away. (Removable stand near the top wheel). And if you may want to add on, the wheelchair is electrically controlled and wired to suit the elderly needs-Whether it is bed sore to walking disability.

Q2 Ans: The purpose of gears is to slow the tray down when it moves down towards the elderly. If not, the food in the tray would spill. Another option I thought would be using rollers(Those that are found when the luggage are out of the x-ray scanner, etc.). But if I use rollers to move the tray down, will the tray slow down? The food will end up going down at such a fast speed that may end up with food splattered on the elderly body. The gears has sharp edges that can move and at the same time slow the tray down, making it a easy and efficient way to handle food with care to an elderly without a caretaker.

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