Holiday work-Part 2 (Elderly Challenge Observation 1)

For an elderly, one of the most common difficulties they face is walking. I have noticed that there are many curbs at home or in the public. If they are visually impaired or not careful enough, they may trip and injure themselves. Even with the aid of the wheelchairs, they need to push it up and down again which makes it very inconvenient and dangerous, although some curbs are used for a purpose, such as the curbs on the roads and in the bathroom-To prevent water from splashing out into other rooms. Particularly, the curbs are square-shaped, making it very unsuitable for elderly to safely walk. This problem makes the elderly feel uneasy and uncomfortable everywhere, feeling he or she may trip on something if he or she is alone.

Another problem is the wheelchair. The wheelchair MUST have a caretaker to help the elderly. The elderly are not able to push using their hands as their strength are weak, that cannot overcome their own weight. If the elderly overexert himself/herself, that person may faint due to overexertion. A electric wheelchair is recommended if the elderly wants to go alone.


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