Holiday work-Part 2 (Elderly Challenge Observation 3)

First hand information about elderly mobility aids:

The picture shown on the bottom left is a two hand walking equipment with support that makes the elderly feel sturdy and safe. However, it is heavy when the elderly lifts the stick. It may require some strength that the elderly cannot handle by him/herself.

The picture in the middle is a wheelchair that needs a caretaker to push it (As the back wheel is small). As you can see, there is a footrest built with the wheelchair and two handlebars to let the elderly hold the wheelchair securely. However, the material of the backrest is hard and solid, making the elderly feel uncomfortable.

On the top left, this is a collection of elderly mobility aids. A walking stick, two hand support equipment, a wheelchair and a wheelchair that support the elderly using wheels and not lifting the whole thing up. I think this mobility aids are essential for those who are physically disabled or handicapped.


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