Holiday work-Part 2 (Elderly Challenge Observation 2)

A Little Observation around my neighbourhood...

This a typical kind of curb in public homes that the elderly may trip and fall if they are not careful. The curb's purpose is to prevent water from the bathroom (The darker side) from splashing or going into the kitchen (The brighter side).

As you can see, the entrance threshold has two curbs, one big and the other small. This makes the wheelchair bound elderly difficult to go out. Also, the door passageway is too small, making it just nice for the wheelchair to fit through. This makes the elderly hard to navigate his/her way around the opening. Compared to the elder friendly homes (Shown above), there is no entrance threshold, the floor is TOTALLY flat, allowing the elderly to navigate easily and safely.

This picture shows a road side pavement. The curbs and drains cannot be seen clearly because of the dull, grey look on them. The curb cannot be seen clearly as an elderly and they may slip and fall over onto the road, and accidents will happen. The drains are not covered, so they may accidentally step into them and fall, causing major injuries to the elderly.


ΨZhengJieΨ™ said...

Hi Benz! Very nice pictures to depict and allow people to understand what you are talking about.I too think that all the floors should be totally flat .

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