Ergonomics II

1. Safety-Rubber non-slip mat, to prevent the elderly from falling down. It uses friction between the mat and the surface so it will be sturdy there.

2. Ease of use-Umbrellas, can be used as a walking stick and at the same time if it rains, she/he can use the umbrella to cover her/himself.

3. Comfort-Adjustable beds and lights(Whether to dim the lights down or get it brighter). This is to let the elderly see with proper lighting and good eyesight. The beds are to prevent backache as the elderly back is usually weak or has a slip disc.

4. Aesthetics-Words and the background of things could be just black and white as some people are colour blind and cannot differentiate colours properly.

5. Productivity/Performance-No sharp edges around the table, if the elderly knocks his/her head on it it will cause intensive or internal bleeding in the skull. Making it round and curvy with a huge space to do work is necessary.


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