Ergonomics (Multi-Opener Tool)



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Picture of this product:

Information about this product:
It is a multi-opener designed by the company J&M. It opens everything (e.g. bottles, jars, plastic containers) and is made of sturdy, flexible rubber. There are three different sizes of the hole opener to make it convenient-From small bottle caps to big plastic containers. It can be held on all the sides. It can be squeezed to tighten it much further and twist the caps. It as pointy edges in the inner grooves like the gears to fit into the caps of the objects.

Design considerations:
It is made in this design because usually caps have pointy small edges that increases friction between the surfaces when contact and using this tool makes it easier to turn. It is made of rubber to give the elderly a tight and easy squeeze on the caps, and has small columns at the sides the grip it tight, especially those who have sweaty palms. It suits the object to the normal size of people's hands.
Difficulties an elderly faces:
The elderly will experience that she/he needs to turn the cap or squeeze the cap using the tool requires much strength.

Photo Sketch:

This is a sketch of an improved version of the Multi-Opener. It has rubber studs all surrounded at the outer surface and a small dish that is adjustable in height to hold the container/bottle. It also has a stick at the lower end of the opener to let the elderly push the stick to open, not twisting the opener. The dish is to secure the container in place when the cap is about to open.


Nah Hui Kang, Christopher said...

Contents makes it clear for readers.

Clearly identified information about that product and design considerations.

Nice improved idea, easier for elderly to use. Sketch could have been bolded and bigger for readers to see clearly.

Overall a good piece of work!

-Christopher Nah

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